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About The Confess Project Of America

The Confess Project of America is committed to building a culture of mental health for boys, men of color, and their families through capacity building, advocacy, organizing and movement building. Believe in a world without barriers to stigma and shame.

The Confess Project Of America

We created the curriculum for The Confess Project of America "Beyond the Shop" and provide advisory services to them. This is a 501c3 Foundation founded by Lorenzo P. Lewis. 


TCPA's team of public health experts, therapists, and education professionals is continually innovating our programs to respond to community needs. Through our Beyond the Shop program, we train barbers to become mental health advocates around the country. We also work with city governments, universities, and organizations to highlight how mental health intersects with police brutality, LGBT issues, gender inequality, and more. 

The Confess Project of America is committed to changing the narrative of mental health for young men of color and their families. In 2020, TCPA partnered with Gillette as part of their The Best Men Can Be campaign to bring the “State of Mind” tour to 16 cities all over the country. 

We won’t stop advancing our mission until we see the life expectancy for men of color increase and legislation that ensures it lasts. Your struggles don’t need to be kept a secret anymore. Let's win in life!


Barber Coalition

Beyond the Shop serves as the bridge for public health disparities with marginalized males that will come in contact with/or seek treatment of any emotional related social issues. In addition, we train Barbers to become Mental Health Advocates.

The Confess Project of America has curated an engaging self-development course that empowers Black men with knowledge about mental health, financial literacy, home ownership, fatherhood, and other subjects pertinent to Black excellence. Ultimately, this yearlong course is designed to enhance the life trajectory and prolong the life expectancy of our brothers by promoting health and wellness.


Film & Entertainment

The Confess Project, of America has expanded to include the TCPA Film and Entertainment department to deliver consistent content. This department will feature many productions such as digital advocacy videos, commercials, documentaries and mental health awareness material.


To date, The Confess Project of America has been featured on many platforms such as NBC's Today Show, CNN's Big Story, Roc Nation and Nick Cannon Mornings. TCPA Film and Entertainment looks forward to compiling both past and future features to share with our supporters. Be on the lookout for new content where behind the scenes footage of future projects will be shared!

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Virtual Learning Network

Virtual Training Programs are courses that have been designed by the Department of Research and Business Development as professional training for educators, law enforcement agencies, and other professions that are vital to the mental health of African American males as well as the communities in which they live and interact.

The goal of these trainings is to educate professionals on mental health challenges for disadvantaged communities and how they can improve social environments in which the negative impact becomes apparent and shatter the school to prison pipeline.

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