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About Us

Overall, our vision is to transform the juvenile justice system into a compassionate and effective model that prioritizes rehabilitation, deflection, workforce development, and economic opportunities. We envision a society that values the potential of every young person and works collaboratively to provide them with the support and opportunities needed to thrive.



Our vision is a future where the juvenile justice system focuses on redirecting young individuals towards positive paths rather than punitive measures. We envision a society that recognizes the potential for change and growth in every young person, providing them with alternatives to incarceration through deflection programs that address the underlying issues driving their involvement in the justice system.



Our mission is to revolutionize the juvenile justice system by promoting alternatives that prioritize rehabilitation, deflections, and opportunities for young individuals. We strive to create a society where every young person has access to supportive resources, workforce development programs, and economic opportunities that foster personal growth and empower them to lead fulfilling lives.

L&J Empowerment was founded by Lorenzo and Jordon Lewis – serial entrepreneurs and nationally-recognized social-impact solutionists.

Headquarters: Little Rock Arkansas

L and J Empowerment

As the governing body for various initiatives, our work revolves around three intersecting pillars: 

Executive Leadership

L&J Empowerment was founded By Lorenzo P. Lewis and wife Jordon Lewis, serial entrepreneurs and nationally-recognized mental health advocates.

Jordon Lewis

CEO/ Executive Director

Lorenzo Lewis

Assistant Executive Director

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