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Grant Writing

Funding is vital to all businesses – especially non-profit organizations.  Interestingly, securing funding is one of the most challenging tasks non-profits have to manage.

What To Expect

Training: Our trainings will help you navigate the intricate details of grant writing and better equip your organization to secure the funding it needs.  We’ll cover everytinhg from the basics of grant writing to advocating completion.

Benefits:  You aren’t the only one in the game in town.  And, when it comes to non-profit funding, competition can be quite intense.

  1. Understanding the basics of grant writing for non-profits

  2. Finding non-profit grant opportunities

  3. How to write effective non-profit grant proposal

  4. Advocating for your non-profit grant

  5. Refining your strategy when necessary.

  6. Completing your grant application

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